More about Sarah and Enoch

David Shields, Assistant Professor in the Design Division at the University of Texas at Austin and curator of the Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type Collection, has pointed out that no. 21 in Nicolete Gray’s Chart of Ornamented Typefaces 1800–1900 (in her Nineteenth Century Ornamented Typefaces, rev. ed. 1976) may be the model for the Sarah and Enoch gravestone lettering. No. 21 is from New Specimen of Printing Types from the Fann Street Letter Foundry (London: William Thorowgood, Letter-Founder to his Majesty, late Thorne, 1825). Gray describes it simply as a Tuscan. The key letter in Gray’s sample is the P with its dimpled bowl. However, the O does not match. It would also be nice to see Thorowgood’s S.