Custom Tours

Custom lettering tours of a few hours or several days can be designed for companies, design studios, design schools, arts organizations, historical societies or other groups. Past tours have included New York City, Boston, Atlanta, Buffalo, Los Angeles, Rome, Florence and Venice; and tours are available for Philadelphia, New Haven, Providence, San Francisco, Portland (Oregon) and Seattle in the United States; and London, Amsterdam, Leyden and Milano in Europe. With sufficient time for advance planning, tours can be arranged for other cities as well. Contact Paul Shaw at for more information.

Chronology of Lettering Walks

This is a list of all of the lettering walks I have led or co-led since the beginning of Legacy of Letters in 1997. There are additional cities that I have not led walks in, but have the capability to do so. They include Amsterdam, Berlin, Leiden, London, Mainz, New Orleans, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Rochester (New York), Toronto, Troy (New York), Tulsa, and Washington DC. I have led walks for institutions, organizations, design schools, businesses and individuals. For more information about …
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Walking Tour of Chicago: an update

The lettering tour of the Magnificent Mile and The loop in Chicago was sold out within two hours, before I could even properly post an announcement of it. The tour itself was equally a success. We met at the Chicago Water Tower (William W. Boyington, 1869) and, after a brief look at the Fourth Presbyterian Church (Ralph Adams Cram, 1914), walked south along Michigan Avenue to The Loop, stopping to discuss the Allerton …
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