Addendum to Wilhelm-Klingspor-Schrift

Wilhelm-Klingspor-Schrift is usually reproduced in large sizes (48 pt or 60 pt) because they show the face at its most elegant. But, as a metal type, it was cast by Klingspor in a range of sizes that were optically scaled. At the smaller text sizes Wilhelm-Klingspor-Schrift was shorn of its delicate decorations. And, as was typical of metal faces, it was made sturdier, wider and with an increased x-height. This is illustrated on p. 24 of Über Schönheit von Schrift und Druck by Dr. Karl Klingspor (Frankfurt am Main: Georg Kurt Schauer, 1949). Three grades of Wilhelm-Klingspor-Schrift are shown in figs. 1, 2, and 3; fig. 4 shows it at 10 pt; fig. 5 at 60 pt scaled down to 10 pt; fig. 6 at 60 pt; and fig. 7 at 10 pt scaled up to 60 pt.