The Frank Holme Chronicles no. 2—Just for Fun: The Short but Thrilling Life of The Bandar Log Press (New York, October 25, 2023)

I delivered a talk on Frank Holme (1868–1904) and The Bandar Log Press for The Typophiles on October 25, 2023. It was titled Just for Fun: The Short but Thrilling Life of The Bandar Log Press, a reference to the first book published under The Bandar Log Press imprint. Earlier in the year my article “Frank Holme and The Bandar Log Press” appeared in Parenthesis 44: Journal of the Fine Press Book Association (Spring 2023), pp. 36–41.

Spread from Where Is Ray Brown? by Kirk La Shelle (Asheville, North Carolina: The Bandar Log Press, 1902). Design, ornamentation, and typography by Frank Holme. Image courtesy of the Wilson Library, University of North Carolina.

The Bandar Log Press (sometimes spelled Bandar-Log Press) lasted from 1894 to 1904. During that time it published eight books: Just for Fun (1895), Swanson, Able Seaman (1901), Where Is Ray Brown? (1902), Poker Rubaiyat (1903), Handsome Cyril, or The Messenger Boy with the Warm Feet (1903), Clarence Allen, or The Hypnotic Boy Journalist (1903), Rollo Johnson, the Boy Inventor; or the Demon Bicyclist and Its Daring Rider (1904), and Her Navajo Lover (1904).

I want to thank Misha Beletsky and The Typophiles for providing me with a venue to speak about Frank Holme and his private press; and David Jury for inviting me to write on the subject for Parenthesis.