The Frank Holme Chronicles no. 1—Frank Holme and The School of Illustration (Chicago, December 3, 2020)

My first talk about Frank Holme (1868–1904) was scheduled to take place in Chicago in late October 2018. It never happened because I was severely attacked in midtown Manhattan in broad daylight a week earlier. The talk—Frank Holme and The School of Illustration—was eventually delivered via Zoom on December 3, 2020. It was sponsored by the Society of Typographic Arts.

The main room of The School of Illustration located at 26 Van Buren Street in Chicago. Holme is standing in the back facing the model. Photograph from Newspaper Pictures by Frank Holme (Chicago: Marsh & Grant Printing Co., 1899).

I want to thank Perrin Stamatis and Frank DiBraccio of the Society of Typographic Arts for being patient in making this talk a reality, even if it was not in person as originally planned.