Legacy of Letters 2023—5 Alfabeti dei Caratteri di Legno

Legacy of Letters 2023 included visits to four letterpress studios—Archivio Tipografico in Torino, Editore Tallone in Alpignano, Il Buon Tempo in Casteggio, and Officina Typo in Modena—in addition to the multi-day workshop at the Tipoteca in Cornuda with Peter Kruty Editions. At three of the four studios the group printed a broadside alphabet keepsake using wood type from each their collection. These were supplemented by two additional alphabet keepsakes printed at the Tipoteca, one for Peter Kruty Editions and one for Legacy of Letters. A cover for the portfolio of folded broadsides was printed using silkscreen at Fallani Venezia in Venice.

Cover / Paul Shaw

Cover of 5 Alfabeti dei Caratteri di Legno. Design and typography by Paul Shaw; silkscreen preparation by Gianpaolo Fallani; printing by Legacy of Letters 2023 participants. The typefaces are Giza by David Berlow (Font Bureau, 1994) and Ionic No. 1 by Matthew Carter (Carter & Cone, 1999).

Archivio Tipografico

Broadside keepsake by Archivio Tipografico. The typeface is Landi Linear (Fonderia Nebiolo, 1938).

Il Buon Tempo / Lucio Passerini

Broadside keepsake by Lucio Passerini of Il Buon Tempo. The typeface is unknown.

Officina Typo / Silvano, Gina and Ebe Babini

Broadside keepsake designed by Officina Typo. The typeface is Triennale by Guido Modiano (Fonderia Reggiano, 1933).

Peter Kruty Editions

Broadside keepsake for Peter Kruty Editions. Design, typesetting and printing by Eran Ben Barak and Chiara Bergese. Art direction by Sayre Gaydos. The typeface is Landi Echo by Alessandro Butti (Fonderia Nebiolo, 1939).

Legacy of Letters / Paul Shaw

Broadside keepsake for Legacy of Letters. Design and typesetting by Paul Shaw, assisted by Lucio Botteselle. The typeface is a poor wood type interpretation of Kabel by Rudolf Koch (Klingspor, 1927).