Raffaela Canu on Legacy of Letters

Raffaela Canu (Legacy of Letters 2017):

Legacy of Letters in 2017 was a really fantastic experience. The artisans at the many printing workshops we visited shared their passion and knowledge of the craft with us. We were able to watch as they produced stunning examples of letterpress printing.

We visited several museums dedicated to the history of typography and printing, where we were able to learn about the evolution of the craft and see some of the oldest typefaces and presses in existence. The best part was the final four day-workshop at Tipoteca in Cornuda where we were able to plan, produce and present our own work—and eat and drink the finest food and wine :). I’m so grateful. I had such an amazing time!

Overall, it was a truly enlightening and enjoyable experience. I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to witness the beautiful and traditional craft of printing with metal type being kept alive.

Raffaela Canu adjusting her design in the bed of the press during the Erik Spiekermann letterpress workshop as part of Legacy of Letters 2017. Photograph by Paul Shaw.

Legacy of Letters 2023 will take place from June 29 to July 12, 2023. It will include stops in Milano, Torino, Alpignano, Casteggio, Parma, Modena, Predappio, Venice, and Cornuda. We will visit five libraries/museums, five letterpress shops, one silkscreen shop, and the Tipoteca where we will have a multi-day letterpress workshop.