Diane Tomasso on Legacy of Letters

Diane Tomasso (with her husband Ray Tomasso Legacy of Letters 2015 and Legacy of Letters 2017):

I attended Legacy of Letters twice with my late husband, artist Ray Tomasso. The tours encompassed a delightful assortment of historic art and architecture along with calligraphy, typography, letterforms and printing from the medieval to the modern and contemporary. We particularly enjoyed Paul’s walking tours of formal and ad hoc signage. For Ray, the letterpress workshops at the Tipoteca with Alan Kitching and Erik Spiekermann were the highlight, with an opportunity to explore Tipoteca’s extensive archive and collections of type and presses. The food, accommodations, travel and most of all, the company of so many friendly and kindred spirits, made those trips some of our most memorable travel experiences.

Ray Tomasso signing prints at the end of the Alan Kitching letterpress workshop during Legacy of Letters 2015 as Diane looks on. Photograph by Paul Shaw.

Legacy of Letters 2023 will take place from June 29 to July 12, 2023. It will include stops in Milano, Torino, Alpignano, Casteggio, Parma, Modena, Predappio, Venice, and Cornuda. We will visit five libraries/museums, five letterpress shops, one silkscreen shop, and the Tipoteca where we will have a multi-day letterpress workshop.