Demonology & | witchcraft!!! | Printing: An online research session into the history of Philadelphia type foundries 1823–1844

Six Lines Gothic Condensed and Six Lines Gothic from Specimen of Printing Types and Ornaments by Rob & Ecklin, Letter Founders (Philadelphia: 1836). Image courtesy of RIT Libraries Digital Collections.

Letterforms Study Group via Zoom / Friday April 7 at 2 pm Eastern Daylight Time
fee $15

In this online type history research session I will retrace my recent research into the history of the Robb & Ecklin type foundry of Philadelphia, its partners Samuel Ecklin and Alexander Robb, and their relationship to the type foundries of Jedediah Howe and Johnson & Smith in Philadelphia, Conner & Cooke and Elihu White in New York, the Boston Type and Stereotype Foundry, and William Thorowgood in London.

The research session will include a discussion of the first sans serif typefaces in the United States, the design of lottery figures, and the tangled relationshops of stereotypers and type foundries in Philadelphia and New York during the period from 1820 to the mid-1840s. New information on several of these foundries and their proprietors will be revealed.

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This is an offshoot of research for my 13 February 2023 Type@Cooper talk Mad, Bad (but Good to Know).