Angelina Lippert on Legacy of Letters

Angelina Lippert (Legacy of Letters 2022):

Imagine being in Italy with a dozen of the coolest design and type nerds in the world, all eager to share their knowledge and drink good wine with you. I normally hate group trips, but somehow the people attracted to the Legacy of Letters manage to elevate what could sound like the school trip from hell and make it two weeks of rip-roaring printing fun fueled by cheese and aperol spritzes. Moreover, Paul’s personal relationships with libraries and museums give you access you couldn’t pay for to things few people in the world ever get to see. And, as a design historian rather than a practicing printer or type nerd, I promise you don’t need to be an expert in the field to appreciate—nay, love—all the activities and treasures you’ll experience along the way.

Angelina Lippert displaying her page from Tipi di Pasta, the collaborative book produced during the letterpress workshop portion of Legacy of Letters 2022. Photograph by Paul Shaw.

Legacy of Letters 2023 will take place from June 29 to July 12, 2023. It will include stops in Milano, Torino, Alpignano, Casteggio, Parma, Modena, Venice, and Cornuda. We will visit five libraries/museums, four letterpress shops, one silkscreen shop, and the Tipoteca (where we will have a multi-day letterpress workshop).