Scholarships for Legacy of Letters 2023

In 2022 Mark Simonson Studio and Occupant Fonts sponsored scholarships for designers under the age of 30. I am pleased to announce that Legacy of Letters will be able to offer several scholarships again this year due to the generosity of both firms and additional pledges of funds from Typotheque, Type Together, Jeremy Tankard, and a private individual.

This year I have raised the qualifying age to 35 to accommodate the educational and professional disruptions caused by the Covid pandemic. To apply for one of the full or partial scholarships download the LL 2023 scholarship application form and send a PDF portfolio of your work involving calligraphy, lettering, type design, or typography to The deadline for applications is March 4, 2023. A decision on scholarship winners will be made soon after that date.

The scholarships from Mark Simonson Studio and Occupant Fonts enabled Erica Carras of the United States and Khoa Nguyen of England to join the 2022 Legacy of Letters tour and workshop. Here are a few photographs of them at work on their contributions to the Tipi di Pasta book that the group collectively produced at the Tipoteca.

Erica Carras searching for typefaces to use for her composition.

Khoa Nguyen gathering wood type.

Erica Carras setting type.

Khoa Nguyen and Sayre Gaydos adjusting type in the bed of the press.