Tipo Cibo Vino (Legacy of Letters 2022)—Part 14: The binding bee

We organized a binding bee in New York in order to complete the books that were printed at the Tipoteca during Legacy of Letters Tipo Cibo Vino 2022. The bee took place the weekend of December 3 and 4, 2022 at Peter Kruty Editions in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Erica Carras, Sonia Biancalani Levethan, Angelina Lippert, Claire Lukacs, Anita Merk, James Stroud, and Janine Wong joined Peter Kruty, Sayre Gaydos, and myself there. Sayre conceived the binding structure of the book prior to the workshop at the Tipoteca. She coordinated the binding bee with the aid of Janine, who has a long experience in binding.

Here are some photographs documenting the binding bee process.


Everyone lined up at the bench to collate the pages. Claire Lukacs is in the foreground and behind her are Anita Merk (obscured), Sonia Biancalani Levethan, James Stroud, and Janine Wong.

Sayre Gaydos checking a collated copy.

Piles of collated books.

Jogging and squaring up

Sayre Gaydos explaining to Sonia Biancalani Levethan how to jog and square up the collated books.

Anita Merk squaring up a collated copy.


Erica Carras and James Stroud using glue sticks for the first stage of gluing the books.

Angelina Lippert and Anita Merk brushing PVC glue on the spine of books.

Anita Merk removing excess PVC glue from the spine of a book.


Peter Kruty and Janine Wong measuring the cover for folding.

Janine Wong, Sayre Gaydos, and Peter Kruty discussing the binding of the cover.

Claire Lukacs and Janine Wong scoring covers of the book.

Janine Wong showing the folded cover.

Janine Wong holds a fanned book while Erica Carras glues the spine.

Janine Wong, with a bound copy of Tipi di Pasta, talking to Claire Lukacs.

James Stroud flipping through a bound copy of Tipi di Pasta.

Janine Wong displaying the finished book.