Tipo Cibo Vino (Legacy of Letters 2022)—Part 9: Letterpress Workshop Day 4

George Whitman (at left) and Richard Waller (at right) watch Janine Wong tightening her lock-up.

July 16, 2022 | Day 4 of the Project

On Day 4 a third color (green for spinach pasta) was added to the repertoire. The two previous colors were still being printed on other proof presses. Now that everyone had become used to setting type and operating a proof press, things went more quickly and smoothly. The studio hummed with activity.

Daniele Facchin and Henri-Paul Bronsard setting type for the contents and colophon pages.

Claire Lukacs (foreground) and Erica Carras looking for missing characters.

Khoa Nguyen and Lucio Botteselle working on Khoa’s border composition.

Patricia Childers putting ink on the rollers.

James Stroud and Janine Wong working on her spread. They are printing with one of the hand presses.

Patricia Childers and Peter Kruty discuss the layout of the divider pages.

Daniele Facchin helping Sonia Biancalani Levethan to adjust her lock-up.

Anita Merk printing on one of the proof presses.

Lunch at Le Corderie.

A torta di verdure (vegetable torte) at Le Corderie.

Lasagna con funghi (mushrooms) at Le Corderie.

Entrecôte bio di Angus Aberdeen tagliata con fior di sale Cornish e medaglioni di patate al rosmarino (sliced Angus Aberdeen steak with Cornish sea salt and medallions of potato roasted with rosemary) and spinach at Le Corderie.

Back to work.

James Stroud demonstrates his strength with the hand press.

James Stroud positioning his sheet on the tympan.

Sonia Biancalani Levethan printing her yellow run.

Peter Kruty and Khoa Nguyen printing one of the pasta name pages.

Sandro Berra correcting the colophon text.

Richard Waller (left) and George Whitman (right) discussing George’s print.

Lucio Botteselle and Angelina Lippert discussing the green print run.

Angelina Lippert is pleased with how the third color of her print looks. She built the B from type material.

The ABC divider page designed by Patrica Childers.

Sayre Gaydos cranks out the DEF divider page.

Anita Merk, Erica Carras, and George Whitman examine their prints.

The end of the day.

After a day of heavy printing, everyone scattered to various restaurants for dinner. Claire Lukacs and I went to La Forcola , another seafood place in Cornuda.

Spaghetti alle vongole at La Forcola.