Tipo Cibo Vino (Legacy of Letters 2022)—Part 10: Letterpress Workshop Day 5

Khoa Nguyen, Lucio Botteselle, and Daniele Facchin discussing the divider pages.

July 17, 2022 | Day 5 of the Project

This was the last scheduled day of printing. As usual, things were hectic. Although all of the participants had printed their double-page spreads, the frontmatter, divider pages, backmatter, and cover still had to be done. Khoa Nguyen helped Patricia Childers with designing and printing the divider pages. Henri-Paul Bronsard did heroic work setting the colophon text and making corrections to it. And Sandro Berra, Daniele Facchin, Leonardo Facchin, and Lucio Bottoselle all pitched in to set, proof, correct, and print both the credits page and the colophon. Despite the mad rush of the day, there were still some parts of the book that failed to be completed.

Henri-Paul Bronsard and Daniele Facchin setting the colophon.

The lock-up for the GLMN divider page. Designed by Patricia Childers with the assistance of Khoa Nguyen.

Khoa Nguyen and Sayre Gaydos adjusting a lock-up for one of the divider pages.

Sonia Biancalani Levethan and Daniele Facchin checking one of the divider pages.

James Stroud and Janine Wong redistributing type.

Lunch at Le Corderie.

Henri-Paul Bronsard and Anita Merk at lunch.

Patricia Childers, Sayre Gaydos, and Peter Kruty eating lunch at Le Corderie.

Back to work.

Henri-Paul Bronsard checking his sheets.

George Whitman, Erica Carras, Anita Merk, Claire Lukacs, and Sonia Biacalani Levethan collating and editioning the prints.

Sonia Biancalani Levethan and Anita Merk folding pages.

Janine Wong folding Anita Merk’s pages.

Leonardo Facchin, Daniele Facchin, and Henri-Paul Bronsard making corrections to the colophon at the press.

Henri-Paul Bronsard using tweezers to correct the text in the bed of the press while Lucio Botteselle looks on.

Proof of the frontispiece and title page designed by Paul Shaw.

The end of the day.

Because the last day of the tour was the cooking day this year, the farewell dinner was scheduled for this evening. It was held at Casa Brusada in Crocetto del Montello, the small town that abuts Cornuda on the east. Sandro Berra had introduced me to the restaurant in 2008 during my first visit to the Tipoteca. The chef makes an excellent grilled octopus, but since it was Sunday (a day when the fish market is closed) it was not on the menu. The meal was still very good.

The kitchen at Casa Brusada in Crocetta del Montello.

Chef Marco Pincin grilling steaks for the farewell dinner.

Venetian-style porchetta, enokitake mushrooms, and a flan di formaggio.

Legacy of Letters farewell dinner at Casa Brusada.