Tipo Cibo Vino (Legacy of Letters 2022)—Part 7: Letterpress Workshop Day 2

Galley proof of the C list of pasta names set by James Stroud and Janine Wong.

Tied-up galleys of pasta lists of names awaiting proofing. The C list is at the left.

On day 2 of the letterpress workshop participants were finally free of the drudgery and precision involved in setting text type. They were able to indulge their creativity with larger metal type and wood type as well as fleurons, ornaments, rules, borders, dingbats, and whatever else they could find in the cases at the Tipoteca. Peter Kruty also encouraged them to add pressure prints to their designs, a challenge which Janine Wong eagerly accepted.

Some of Janine Wong’s pasta shapes cut out of paper to be used for a pressure print.

July 14, 2022 | Day 2 of the Project

For their double-page spread participants were required to choose three or more pasta names from their list as the basis for their design. They spent Day 2 looking for the right typefaces, working on layouts (some using paper, others using their laptops), and making proofs in black ink. Much of the fun of printing at the Tipoteca lies in rummaging through the drawers to see what unusual typefaces and strange dingbats they are hiding. Often an amusing character (e.g. a Q with its tail inside its counter) or an ornate wooden rule will spark an idea for a design.

Plastic typeface with a distinctive Q with its tail inside the counter (above to the right of the exclamation point).

Janine Wong and James Stroud working at proof press on the left; Richard Waller, George Whitman, and Claire Lukacs getting help from the Tipoteca technician Daniele Facchin at the proof press on the right.

Rosemary Rae working on the lock-up of her double-page spread.

Peter Kruty cutting paper for make-ready to use in proofing Rosemary Rae’s design.

Erica Carras with an armful of type.

Tipoteca technician Lucio Botteselle helping Khoa Nguyen with his border composition.

Henri-Paul Bronsard hard at work on his double-page spread.

Sonia Biancalani Levethan and Lucio Botteselle looking through the Tipoteca’s inventory of wood types.

Lunch at Le Corderie.

Pasta (Busiate Trapanese) for lunch.

James Stroud eating pasta and Janine Wong eating Entrecôte di Angus Aberdeen tagliata con fior di sale Cornish e medaglioni di patate al rosmarino (entrecôte of sliced Angus beef and potato medallions with rosemary) at Le Corderie.

Back to work.

Anita Merk worked out her double-page design on her laptop.

Sayre Gaydos (at right) assisting Rosemary Rae with her prints.

Peter Kruty helping Angelina Lippert transport her galley tray to the proofing press.

Henri-Paul Bronsard watching Daniele Facchin set things up in the bed of the press.

The end of the day.

Khoa Nguyen talking to Patricia Childers and Sayre Gaydos before they ride back to the Villa Bolzonello.

Peter Kruty posing with his bike outside the Tipoteca.

On the walk back to the Villa Bolzonello, George Whitman and Richard Waller stop to pose in front of vineyards.