Type Drives Culture—42nd Street from the Hudson River to the East River

42nd Street: A Lettering Walk by Paul Shaw. Type Drives Culture, March 4, 2022. Video by Liz DeLuna.

This video was made at the request of Zelda Harrison for the 2022 Type Drives Culture conference sponsored by the Type Directors Club. Liz DeLuna (of main5design) did the initial filming with assistance from her husband Bohdan. Although I contributed additional still images for the final video and art directed the titles, Liz did all of the editing and additional production work. She deserves a huge amount of credit for the quality of the final video. Any faults it has—and there are a number—are all mine. Liz and I have talked about making videos of my lettering walks for over a decade. This was a chance to test one out. We hope to do more in the future—and to do them better. For now, I hope people enjoy this one. You can see it on YouTube. (P.S. the titles are set in Liz’s Bowery typeface, based on lettering in an inscription we discovered during a lettering walk on the Lower East Side.)