Lettering and Type at Push Pin: A Preliminary Investigation

The link below is to the video of my talk on “Lettering and Type at Push Pin” for Poster House (via Zoom) on November 16, 2021. There are a few errors in it. Here is the correct information:

• the “Chicago has a great lake” poster by John Massey is shown in an untrimmed state. The white circle at right should bleed. Thanks to Greg D’Onofrio for pointing this out.
• The small type on the cover of Our Crowd is Cheltenham Oldstyle, not Bookman Oldstyle.
• for the Push Pin Graphic 49 Dream Book (1966) “Dream” is set in Novel Gothic not Eagle Bold. Thanks to Stephen Coles for catching that.
• the Help book was designed by Tim Lewis, not by Seymour Chwast Thanks to Angelina Lippert for that information.