The Swiss Grid exhibition at Poster House: A virtual tour

The Swiss Grid exhibition at Poster House, the new poster museum in New York, opened on February 27. Curator Angela Lippert had asked me to lead a tour of the exhibition for Type Directors Club members on March 23, but it  was cancelled Governor Cuomo imposed a lockdown on New York Stare, the week before in response to the coronavirus pandemic. As a substitute Angela and I semi-violated the lockdown on March 17. We met at the deserted Poster Museum and, keeping six feet apart from each other, Angela interviewed me as I toured The Swiss Grids exhibition. You can see the interview/tour here: Swiss Grids.

Angela and I hope that the lockdown will end before the fall. If so, I will be doing an in-person tour of The Swiss Grids exhibition on September 21. Stay tuned.

Sammlung Richard Doetsch-Benziger exhibition poster (1957). Design by Emil Ruder. The main text has been hand lettered while the ancillary text is set in Akzidenz Grotesk. Note the b in “basel”. From the collection of Tom Strong. Image courtesy of the Poster Museum.