Tipo Cibo Vino (Legacy of Letters 2019)—Part 8: Letterpress Workshop Day 4

July 11, 2019 | Day 3 of the project

On Thursday, the page designs began to more clearly take shape as additional colors were printed. They continued to evolve as participants discovered the limitations of letterpress in general as well as of the typefaces available at the Tipoteca. There was also the constraint (pressure) of creating a design in a short amount of time. But these obstacles were treated as challenges to be overcome.

Here are some scenes from the day, chosen to show the diversity of everyone’s design approaches as well as some of the stages of printing.

Emmy Yamaguchi | Primi Piatti

Emmy trying to figure out how to incorporate a fork into her design of pasta strands forming the two ps in primi piatti.

Jason Stadnik | Antipasti

The type for Jason’s red color run sitting on the galley tray.

Shaina Pruden holding her husband Jason’s antipasti prints following theprinting of the red.

Janine Wong | Vini

Janine feeding her vini print to the “vandercook” for the second run of yellow.

Janine retrieving her vini print at the end of the second run.

Janine’s vini prints drying in the foreground.

Laura Thoms | Digestivi

Laura checking the second color on her digestivi print. Lucio Bottaselle is assisting her.

Shaina admiring Laura’s digestivi print.

Lucille Tenazas | Contorni e Insalata

Lucille and Peter Kruty contemplating her lock-up.

Lucille’s lock-up inked and ready for printing.

Lucille feeding her contorni print for its red run as Leonardo Facchin looks on.

Lucille’s contorni e insalata print.

James Stroud | Formaggio

James checking his formaggio print as his wife Janine looks on.

James adding a striated background to his formaggio print. He is using a handpress.

A formaggio print drying.

Claire Lukacs | Caffè

Claire’s caffè composition of two people drinking coffee. The cups are visible in the foreground and the faces are at the left and right.

Claire and Peter Kruty discussing how the typeset composition matches her sketch.

Peter using a brayer to ink Claire’s composition for printing on the handpress.

Three-color proof of Claire’s caffè composition.

Jane Pirone | Dolci

Jane’s stenciling materials.

Jane having a good time stenciling her dolci print.

Close-up of Jane stenciling.

Patricia Childers | Menu

Patricia fine-tuning spacing with slips of paper.

Paul Shaw | Front and back covers

Paul’s comp for the front and back covers. The 19th century decorative T is for Tipo, the C [a shrimp?] is for Cibo, and the Art Deco V [a cocktail glass?] for Vino. The upside-down curly O [a snail?] is for “slow type”.

The wood type C and the V.

Two different wooden “snails”.