Tipo Cibo Vino (Legacy of Letters 2019)—Part 11: Celebration

July 12, 2019 | End of Legacy of Letters 2019 Tipo Cibo Vino

Legacy of Letters has always ended with a celebratory dinner. It was particularly deserving this year following the frenetic push to get the menu book pages printed and scored—and to return all type and type material to its original place and get the Tipoteca cleaned up by 7 pm. Once we had accomplished that we posed for several final group photographs before heading to Le Corderie to celebrate.

The Legacy of Letters 2019 Tipo Cibo Vino participants with the Tipoteca staff: (standing from left to right) Sandro Berra, James Stroud, Janine Wong, Lucille Tenazas, Laura Thoms, Claire Lukacs, Lucia McCreery, Jason Stadnik, Jane Pirone, Shaina Pruden, and Emmy Yamaguchi; (kneeling from left to right) Daniele Facchin, Patricia Childers, Sayre Gaydos, Peter Kruty, Paul Shaw, and Lucio Bottaselle.

Legacy of Letters 2019 Tipo Cibo Vino participants displaying their pages in front of the Tipoteca. Missing is Paul Shaw with the title page.

The celebratory dinner at Le Corderie.

Roast beef with roasted potatoes and spinach.

Sayre showing off an enormous onion brought out from the kitchen by Mauro Draghi.

James and Janine finishing dessert.

Laura and Emmy in conversation at the end of the meal.

Jane and Lucille sharing a joke. A perfect encapsulation of the fun everyone had during the inaugural Tipo Cibo Vino tour and workshop.