Tipo Cibo Vino (Legacy of Letters 2019)—Part 10: Letterpress Workshop Day 5 continued

From left to right: Lucio, Sandro, and Daniele working on the title page print. In the background, Peter is amused by Lucio’s boundless energy.

July 12, 2019 | Day 4 of the project
Daniele Facchin, Lucio Bottaselle, Leonardo Facchin, and Sandro Berra

Without the assistance of Daniele, Lucio, Leonardo, and Sandro, the printing would never have been completed on time. Daniele and Lucio, the two Tipoteca “technicians”, helped everyone out with typesetting as well as running the presses as they have done for all of our letterpress workshops. They were especially whizzes at fixing our amateur typesetting, improving letterspacing, replacing damaged or incorrect letters, and making everything properly tight. Leonardo, Daniele’s son, helped out with running the vandercooks (proofing presses) and the scoring machine. And Sandro jumped in to proof the menu and ingredients pages and to do part of the re-composition.

Daniele fixing packing on a vandercook.

Lucio assisting Janine with her print as Jason looks on.

Lucio and Daniele discussing Laura’s print.

Sandro resetting the ingredients (colophon) page.

Lucio and Daniele fixing my title page design.

Sandro and Daniele adjusting type in the bed of the press for the title page.

Leonardo helping Jason with the scoring machine.

Despite the frenzy of the final letterpress workshop day, we still stopped for a proper Italian lunch., including wine. (No martinis.) Festina lente was our motto.

Burrata with vegetables.

Prosciutto with marinated red onion.

A display of wines at Le Corderie. We did not drink them all!