Images of Tipo Cibo Vino (Legacy of Letters 2019)—Part 5: Letterpress Workshop Day 1

The letterpress workshop was led this year by Peter Kruty and Sayre Gaydos of Peter Kruty Editions, a studio in the Sunset Park part of Brooklyn that specializes in innovative work with contemporary artists and writers. Given their background, this workshop attempted to include illustrations instead of being type-centric. Thus, the first day included an introduction to paper and pressure prints by Peter alongside the standard tutorial in composing metal type by hand.

July 7, 2019 | Composing Type and Making Paper Prints

Legacy of Letters participants listening to Peter (not visible) discuss the basics of composing metal type.

Peter explaining the composing stick.

Peter showing Patricia, Jason, and Shaina how to properly hold the composing stick.

Janine’s notes on composing metal type.

Peter preparing a sample paper print.

The sample paper print.