Images of Tipo Cibo Vino (Legacy of Letters 2019)—Part 4: Le Corderie

Possibly the highlight of Tipo Cibo Vino was a day of cooking and beverage lessons from chef Cristina Colle and her husband Mauro Drago, the owners of Le Corderie, the restaurant established by the Tipoteca. Mauro instructed us in how to properly make coffee (cappucino, espresso, and iced coffee) and Italian cocktails (the Americano, Negroni, and Ugo); and led a grappa tasting. Cristina taught us how to make baccalà mantecata, risi e bisi, and tiramisù. And we got to eat the all of the dishes for lunch!

During the letterpress workshop we ate our lunches at Le Corderie. It was also the site of our farewell dinner—and a surprise cheese tasting. Here are photographs of the cooking and drinking day with Mauro and Cristina in action.

Le Corderie | Mauro

Mauro explaining blending and grinding coffee beans.

Mauro preparing iced coffee in a shaker. (Not coffee that has been refrigerated.)

Legacy of Letters participants after the coffee lesson from Mauro, waiting for the cooking lessons to begin.

Mauro and tasting glasses with individual ingredients for three cocktails: Americano, Negroni, and Ugo.

A Negroni and an Americano.

Sayre Gaydos testing a Negroni.

James Stroud and Janine Wong hiding behind bottles of grappa.

Patricia Childers eyeing bottles of aged grappa.

Dolce of vanilla gelato with cherries soaked in aged grappa.

Le Corderie | Cristina

Cristina in mufti before the cooking lessons began.

Cristina in her queendom.

BACCALÀ MANTECATO [dried salted cod with polenta]

Cristina with the boiled baccalà (dried salt cod that has been soaked in running water for three days).

Cristina breaking up the baccalà.

Cristina with her “boyfriend” the Robot Coupe pureeing the baccalà with lemon juice and sunflower oil.

Laura Thoms listening to Cristina discuss white polenta.

RISI E BISI [rice with peas]

Sauteeing onions for risi e bisi (rice and peas).

Cristina adding pureed peas to peas in a pan.

Cristina adding broth to the risotto.

Cristina adding the pureed pea mixture to the risotto.

Cristina adding butter to the risi e bisi.

Cristina adding parmigiano to the risi e bisi.

Claire Lukacs taking notes on making risi e bisi.


Cristina showing the custard while Shaina Pruden and Jason Stadnik look on.

Cristina adding mascarpone to the custard.

Cristina building the base of the tiramisù with ladyfingers.

Cristina pouring espresso over the ladyfingers.

Cristina adding the custard mixture to the tiramisù.

Cristina dusting the tiramisù with nutmeg.


Mauro serving risi e bisi to Janine Wong.

Shaina Pruden inhaling the risi e bisi. (From left to right: Sayre Gaydos, Peter Kruty, Claire Lukacs, Shaina, and Jason Stadnik.)

Tiramisù for dessert with the special tiramisù spoon.

End of lunch with Lucille Tenazas, Sayre Gaydos, and Peter Kruty.

The chef comes out for a final bow. (From left to right: Patricia Childers, translator Vania De Paoli, Sayre Gaydos, Peter Kruty, and Claire Lukacs.)

Thanks | Grazie
Cristina Colle and Mauro Drago | Le Corderie
Vania De Paoli