Images of Tipo Cibo Vino (Legacy of Letters 2019)—Part 3: Cimiterio Brion

Our visit to Altivole to see architect Carlo Scarpa’s masterpiece, the Cimiterio Brion, was not part of the original Tipo Cibo Vino itinerary as there was no time to fit it into the Veneto day. But the Legacy of letters participants were unanimous in their desire to see the cemetery, so Patricia and I figured out a way to squeeze it into the schedule. Our visit ended just as a massive thunderstorm swept through the area.

July 7, 2019 | Altivole
Cimiterio Brion

Sara Waters in the Altivole cemetery, adjacent to the Brion family cemetery.

Lucille Tenazas at the entrance to the Brion family cemetery/

Patricia Childers in the passageway to the pavilion (Cimiterio Brion).

James Stroud, Jane Pirone, Sayre Gaydos and Peter Kruty at the pavilion and lily pond (Cimiterio Brion).

Detail of tomb of Onorina Brion.

Grave markers of Stefan Brion and Alvise Brion.

Carlo Scarpa gravestone.

Steps designed by Carlo Scarpa.