Images of Tipo Cibo Vino (Legacy of Letters 2019)—Part 2: The Veneto

During the first three days of Tipo Cibo Vino we looked at manuscripts, incunabula, Futurist books, and posters. Although we ate terrific food and drank Aperol spritzes, Negronis, and lots of prosecco at lunch and dinner—and beer in Trento—we had not yet begun the official “Cibo Vino” part of the tour. That all changed with our gastronomic tour of the Veneto, orchestrated by Sandro Berra.

July 6, 2019 | Farra di Soligo
Cantina Marchiori

Peter Kruty listening to Sara Marchiori explaining the varieties of grapes used to make prosecco.

Umberto Marchiori showing the fermentaion room to Sandro Berra (right) and Legacy of Letters participants.

Laura Thoms listening to Sara Marchiori describing the three types of prosecco made by Cantina Marchiori.

July 6, 2019 | Bagnolo di San Pietro di Feletto
Latteria Perenzin

Emanuela Perenzin explaining the first step in making cheese.

Endless rows of cheeses in the aging room at Latteria Perenzin.

Emanuela Perenzin describing the seven steps in tasting cheese. (And showing the label for her company’s Dolce 3viso [Treviso] cheese, winner of a silver medal in 2015.)

Cheese tasting plate arrangement. The San Pietro in beeswax cheese in the lower right won super gold in a 2015 cheese competition.

July 6, 2019 | Venegazzù
Cantina Loredan Gasparini

Sandro Berra meeting Lorenzo Palla at the gate to the Cantina Loredan Gasparini.

Oval cask, designed to save space in the aging room.

Lorenzo Palla describing his wines.

Bottles of Loredan Gasparini wines famous for having labels without the names of the wines.

July 6, 2019 | Bassano del Grappa
Museo Remondini | Palazzo Sturm
Poli Museo della Grappa

Legacy of Letters participants relaxing in Bassano del Grappa.

Cut-out book peddler in the Museo Remondini.

Angle-body script type on display at the Museo Remondini.

Old grappa bottles on display at the Poli Museo della Grappa.

July 6, 2019 | Paderno del Grappa
Osteria Bellavista

Legacy of Letters participants (Sayre Gaydos, Claire Lukacs, Jane Pirone, Shaina Pruden; Sandro Berra, James Stroud, Janine Wong, and Emmy Yamaguchi) about to enjoy dinner at Osteria Bellavista.

Ravioli con funghi at Osteria Bellavista—the best dish of the entire Tipo Cibo Vino tour. Small but immensely flavorful.

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Sara and Umberto Marchiori | Cantina Marchiori
Emanuela Perenzin | Latteria Perenzin
Lorenzo Palla | Cantina Loredan Gasparini
Raffaele Barbisan | Osteria Bellavista
Sandro Berra