The Definitive Dwiggins no. 84—W.A. Dwiggins’ Ancestry, Part IV: Aunts and Uncles on the Dwiggins Side

W.A. Dwiggins had two uncles and one aunt on his father’s side: Charles, James, and Elizabeth (known as Lizzie).

Charles B. Dwiggins
Charles B. Dwiggins was born April 3, 1850. [1] He married Mary Shepherd on February 13, 1873. [2] They had three children: Clarence Victor (b. 1874), Claudia (b. 1877), and Vern (b. 1879). [3] Charles was as active locally as his father Zimri. He was a member of the Clinton County Grange, Patrons of Husbandry, Wilmington Lodge no. 52 of the Masons and the Custer Light Guards, Company D, 13th Regiment of the Ohio National Guard. [4] He was also a founding member of the Clinton Fire Engine, Hook and Ladder and Hose Company of Wilmington in 1875; and, from 1876 on, a Justice of the Peace. [5] Soon after being admitted to the Bar in May 1872 he joined the law firm of Hildebrandt & Sloane in Wilmington. [6] He remained there until June 1877 when he briefly went out on his own before going into partnership with his mentor Melville Hayes seven months later as Hayes & Dwiggins. [7] Sometime in the 1880s Charles B. and his family moved to Findlay, Ohio following a gas and oil boom in the region. He died in Los Angeles in 1922.

James F. Dwiggins
James F. Dwiggins was born August 9, 1855. He attended Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana during the 1875–1876 school year. [8] After his return to Wilmington he married Sallie Briggs on April 5, 1877 in a ceremony officiated by the Rev. B.Y. Siegfried (the future father-in-law of Moses Dwiggins). [9] He was a farmer, working what was apparently part of his father’s 120 acres of land until 1883. That year he and Sallie year moved to Richmond, Indiana to join Moses and his family. [10] There he became an insurance salesman, first for Samuel Bellis and then for the Western Assurance Co. In late May of 1885 James and Sallie moved to Cincinnati where he went to work for the J.R. Preston insurance agency. [11] He was granted a certificate to join the Cincinnati Monthly Meeting of the Society of Friends in 1888. [12] Sallie died in 1897 and James moved back to the family farm to live with his parents. [13] Later in the decade, following Zimri’s stroke, all three moved to Wilmington where James found work in a paper mill as a machinist. There he married Mary D. Vandervort in 1904. Sometime between then and 1910, James and his second wife moved to Mankato, Minnesota where he died on October 28, 1926. [14]

Elizabeth Dwiggins
Elizabeth Dwiggins was born September 21, 1858. She married W.A. O’Neall on December 17, 1884. [15] They lived in Waynesville, Ohio where they had five children within ten years. [16] After her husband died November 29, 1895, Elizabeth—known as Lizzie throughout her life—moved with her children to Wilmington. There she found work as a seamstress until the infirmities of old age caught up with her. After her brother James moved to Minnesota, her mother Phoebe moved in with her and three of her children, Hugh, Anna and Hazel. They were supported by Hugh’s income as a draughtsman at the Farquhar Furnace factory. [17] Lizzie died in 1934.

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