The Definitive Dwiggins no. 111—Chronology 1880–1890

For over twenty years I have been building a detailed chronology of the life and work of W.A. Dwiggins. It includes not only information about his ancestry, immediate family, life and career, but also about his contemporaries in the design world. This post is the second installment of a distilled version of it.

January 7 1880 Carl Purington Rollins born in West Newbury, Massachusetts.

January 26 1880 Thomas Wood Stevens born in Daysville, Illinois.

May 24 1880 John W. Reed born in Chicago.

June 1 1880 1880 United States Census [Martinsville, Clark Township, Clinton County, Ohio]—Moses Dwiggins (physician) and wife Eva.

June 8 1880 1880 United States Census [Wilmington, Clinton County, Ohio]—household of Benjamin Y. Siegfried (clergyman) included wife Sarah and daughter Carrie B..

June 19 1880 W.A. Dwiggins born in Martinsville, Ohio.

June 23 & 24 1880 1880 United States Census [Union Township, Clinton County, Ohio]—household of Zimri Dwiggins (farmer) included wife Pheba [sic] and daughter Lizzie; James Dwiggins (farmer) and wife Sallie lived next door.

August 18 1880 Thomas Maitland Cleland born in Brooklyn.

December 8 1880 “Dr. Dwiggins of Martinsville, has gone to Richmond, Ind., to locate permanently at that place. He has formed a partnership with Dr. [Edwin] Hadley.… His family will follow him this week.” 

Hermann Püterschein born in Secaucus, New Jersey; son of Thedam Püterschein.

Martinsville population 355; Wilmington population 2,745; Union township population 5,051; Richmond, Indiana population 12,749 (8th largest city in Indiana).

March 1 1881 Rev. B.Y. Siegfried resigned pastorate of First Baptist Church in Wilmington, Ohio.

March 27 1881 Mabel Jane Hoyle born in Dwight, Kansas; wife of WAD.

June 3 1881 Rev. B.Y. and Sarah Siegfried “have located near Cambridge, Guernsey county, to which point Miss Carrie journeyed a few days since to join her parents.”

June 27 1881 Gustave Baumann born in Magdeburg, Germany.

Moses F. Dwiggins (physician) office and residence located at 114 South 12th Street, Richmond, Indiana.

April 14 1882
Frederick W. Anthoensen born in Jutland, Germany.

July 12 1882 Percy Grassby born.

Dr. Edwin Hadley stricken with paralysis; became invalid and discontinued medical practice.

William Hoyle and family moved to Cambridge, Ohio.

Plimpton Press founded by Howard and Herbert Plimpton in Boston.

March 23 1883 Thomas N. Muzzy died in Cumberland, Ohio

April 3 1883 Moses F. Dwiggins certified as medical examiner for National Life Association (Columbus, Ohio).

May 9 1883 Arthur W. Rushmore born

June 27 1883 Rudolph Ruzicka born in Kourim, Bohemia.

December 29 1883 Fred G. Cooper born in McMinnville, Oregon.

Moses F. Dwiggins (physician) office and residence (with Eva) located at 202 North 8th Street, Richmond, Indiana.

James F. Dwiggins, insurance solicitor with Samuel Bellis located at 8 & 10 North 7th Street; residence (with Sallie B.) at 202 North 8th Street, Richmond, Indiana.

Richmond population 17,323 (38 doctors).

May 15 1884 Moses Dwiggins joined Richmond Board of Health.

July 22 1884 Elmer Adler born in Rochester, New York.

December 17 1884 Lizzie Dwiggins married William A. O’Neall.

Addison H. Siegfried moved to Montclair, New Jersey and joined the New York office of The Chicago Tribune.

January 12 1885 first of several talks throughout the year by Moses F. Dwiggins to the Wayne County Medical Society.

February 16 1885 Eva S. Dwiggins performs for Knights of Pythias in Richmond.

February 20 1885 Eva S. Dwiggins performs for Knights of Pythias in Richmond.

April 14 and 16 1885 talks by Moses F. Dwiggins to the Wayne County Medical Society.

May 31 1885 James F. Dwiggins moved to Cincinnati to work for J.R. Preston insurance agency.

June 12 and 20 1885 talks by Moses F. Dwiggins to the Wayne County Medical Society.

July 22 1885 Moses F. Dwiggins registered in compliance with new law regarding physician’s credentials.

September 1885 Moses F. Dwiggins moved from 202 North 8th Street to 25 North 9th Street, Richmond.

September 5 1885 Moses F. Dwiggins ill. 

November 13 1885 talk by Moses F. Dwiggins to the Wayne County Medical Society.

November 26 1885 Moses F. Dwiggins suffered slight accident.

December 18 1885 Moses F. Dwiggins involved in “bastardy business;” falsely accused of delivering illegitimate child of Josie Swaine and George C. Detch.

December 24 1885 Eva S. Dwiggins performed at Christmas concert in Richmond.

December 30 1885 Eva S. Dwiggins performed at YMCA service for the new year.

James F. Dwiggins, agent for Western Assurance Co., with office at 11 North 8th Street; and residence (with Sallie B.) at 118 North 17th Street, Richmond before move to Cincinnati.

Moses F. Dwiggins (physician and surgeon) office and home (with Eva S.) located at 202 North 8th Street before move of both office and home to 25 North 9th Street, Richmond.

Frank Holme joined Art Department of The Wheeling Register.

March 1? 1886 Lorinda J. (Bacon) Muzzy died in Cumberland, Ohio.

September 19 1886 John Goss born in Lewiston, Maine.

Carrie Siegfried married William G. Scott.

Moses F. Dwiggins discovered he had diabetes; began special diet.

Moses F. Dwiggins one of three city health officers in Richmond, Indiana.

Moses F. Dwiggins (physician) office and home (with Eva S.) located at 25 North 9th Street, Richmond.

René Clarke born in Eustis, Florida.

February 20 1887 Moses Dwiggins to Zimri Dwiggins: “…Willie is becoming deaf, I am going to take him to Cin[cinnati].”

March 13 1887 Moses Dwiggins to Zimri Dwiggins: “She [Eva] had all of her upper teeth and two of the lower ones out….”; “Willie is going to go to school; he started this morning, but there was no class for him and he has to wait awhile.”

July 22 1887 Moses Dwiggins to Zimri Dwiggins: “…Eva had a pretty severe spell of cholera morbus last week, and it took her several days to recuperate….”

October 27 1887 Moses Dwiggins to Zimri Dwiggins: “…Eva offered $300 per year to play the pipe organ in Grace Church….”

November 20 1887 Harry L. Gage born in Battle Creek, Michigan

December 4 1887 “sketch” by WAD for “Sunday Paper, December 4, 1887″—”BOAT SHOP Willie D. 25 North 9th Street Willie D & Rolland L Richmond Indiana”.

Moses F. Dwiggins member of Webb Lodge no. 24, F.&A.M. [Free & Accepted Masons], Richmond, Indiana.

Rev. B.Y. Siegfried became pastor in Cambridge City, Indiana.

Frank Holme working at The Pittsburg Press 1887–1889.

December 25
1888 Moses Dwiggins to Zimri Dwiggins: for Christmas “Willie got six books I think, a blackboard and desk, with about 100 pictures to copy, an engine, and I don’t know what all.”

Eugene S. Hadley, bookkeeper for Seymour & Johnson Co.; home at 45 Regent Street, Los Angeles.

March 1889 Moses Dwiggins moved office and residence to 31 North 9th Street, Richmond.

May 31 1889 Frank Holme covered Johnstown flood; the New York Graphic issued a special edition with his illustrations.

November 6 1889 Moses F. Dwiggins weak with diabetes.

November 29 1889 Moses Dwiggins to Zimri Dwiggins: “Willie is sick, his illness has culminated in a severe attack of pneumonia, it has only developed in the last 24 hours, and the inflamation [sic] is limited to the lower portions of the left lung, there is no telling where the limit will be, if may involve the whole lung, and jump to the other; if it should be extensive we have a big fight on our hands for he has been sick now two weeks and is poorly able to combat such a severe disease as pneumonia.”

October 1889–December 1890 “Russian Flu” pandemic

December 25 1889 Moses F. Dwiggins gave Living Poems by Ellen E. Dickinson to Eva as Christmas gift.

Moses F. Dwiggins and family lived at 31 North 9th Street, Richmond, Indiana.

Frank Holme artist at The Chicago Saturday Blade 1889–1892.

January 3 1890 Rev. B.Y. Siegfried: “1890 Fri. Jan. 3: The ‘Russian Grippe’ is prevailing over this country and extending into every city and town.”

January 14 1890 Rev. B.Y. Siegfried: “Tues. Jan. 14: Eva [Dwiggins] reports La Grippe bad at Richmond, Indiana.”

January 15 1890 Moses F. Dwiggins had “a severe spell” of the flu.

January 20 1890 Moses F. Dwiggins died at 4:30 am “from a complication of la grippe and Bright’s disease [diabetes].”

January 22 1890 snow and cold at the funeral of Moses F. Dwiggins in Wilmington, Ohio; oration by Rev. B.Y. Siegfried.

February 14 1890 Eva and Willie Dwiggins moved from Richmond, Indiana to Zanesville, Ohio to live with Rev. B.Y. Siegfried and wife Sarah.

February 18 1890 Dr. Dwiggins’ business in Richmond closed down by Rev. B.Y. Siegfried and others..

February 23 1890 WAD joined Sabbath School class conducted by Rev. B.Y.  Siegfried in Zanesville, Ohio.

February 24 1890 Rev. B.Y. Siegfried “Went with Willie Dwiggins to have him attend school” in Zanesville, Ohio.

April 3–8 1890 Eva and Willie Dwiggins traveled to Los Angeles; stayed with Ella and Eugene Hadley in Lincoln Park neighborhood.

September 18–24 1890 Eva and Willie Dwiggins traveled back to Zanesville via Denver.

September 29 1890 WAD began school in Zanesville, Ohio.

November 12 1890 Paul Hollister born in Grand Rapids.

Frank Holme attended night classes at Chicago Art Institute.

Addison H. Siegfried (manager, New York office of The Chicago Tribune) resided at Montclair, New Jersey.

Cambridge, Ohio population of 28,645.