Blue Pencil no. 27—Authors of The Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design

This is a guide to who wrote what in The Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design (London: Phaidon Press Limited and New York: Phaidon Press, Inc., 2012). The texts in the box are uncredited and the list of author contributions in the accompanying booklet provides nothing more than entry ID numbers for each individual. There are also no author biographies. I have tried my best to provide credentials for each author, but for some I have failed to find reliable information online.

For each author I have also indicated how many entries in total they have contributed to the Archive as well as identified the category assigned to each of their texts. Note: several items are credited to more than one author and several have no apparent author.

Caroline Archer (13)
Birmingham City University: The Typographic Hub Reader in Typography. Specialization in Baskerville, Kynoch Press, Parisian Underground.

A007—Garamond [typeface]
B001—Printers’ Fist [symbol]
C009—Doves Press Bible [book]
E043Arts et Métiers Graphiques [magazine and newspaper]
E049—Gill Sans [typeface]
E061—Broadway [typeface]
F045London A to Z [book]
G028Typographica [magazine and newspaper]
H023—Magnetic Ink Character Recognition [typeface]
I036Plastics Today [magazine and newspaper]
I049Oz [magazine and newspaper]
K027—V&A [logo]
M002Common Worship: Services and Prayers for the Church of England [book]

Melanie Archer (5)
[no information available]

E015—Banknote for The State Bank of Thuringia [money]
H026Schiff nach Europa [book]
I003—McGraw-Hill Paperbacks [book cover]
J011—Universal Product Code [information design]
M021Metropolitan World Atlas [book]

Laura Aylett (6)
Assistant Policy Advisor, Royal College of Nursing (London); freelance writer (part of the team for The Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design).

B004—Manga [book]
F018—Ausstellungen Walter Gropius, Rationelle Bebauungsweisen [poster]
H025—IBM [identity]
I038n+m [magazine cover]
I062Kunst der sechziger Jahre [book]
M023—21st Quran National Festival for Students of Iran [poster]

Phil Baines (1)
Professor, Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design. Interests: typography, graphic design, public lettering, signing, Penguin Books.

F039—Penguin Books [book cover]

Alison Barnes (10)
Visiting Assistant Professor, Skidmore College. Trained in photography.

B005—Braille [information design]
B006—Morse Code [information design]
B015—Snellen Chart [information design]
B035—Akzidenz Grotesk [typeface]
D009—Zang Tumb Tumb [book]
E014Merz [magazine and newspaper]
E026—Bayer Universal [typeface]
E039—Futura [typeface]
H021—Courier [typeface]
I055—Frutiger [typeface]

David Barringer (3)
“He writes novels and design criticism, designs books and magazines, and teaches at the Maryland College Institute of Art (MICA) and Winthrop University in South Carolina.”

B040Simplicissimus [magazine and newspaper]
G007—Lucky Strike [packaging graphics]
I013—McDonald’s [logo]

Ory Bartal (3)
Head of the Department of History and Theory at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Israel. Work focuses on Japanese visual culture.

H017—Hayashi-Mori [poster]
I034—Tadanoori Yokoo: Having Reached a Climax at the Age of 29, I was [sic] Dead [poster]
I037—Asahi Stiny Beer [poster]

Nick Bell (6)
Founder, Strategic and Creative Director of Nick Bell Design; former Creative Director of Eye magazine.

B016—The Red Cross [information design]
B020—Japanese flag [information design]
F013—London Underground Map [information design]
H040—Think Small [advertising]
I035—Mobil [identity]
K010—Original Macintosh Icons [information design]

Simon Bell (18)
Senior lecturer, School of Art and Design, Coventry University (course director Graphic Design). Research interests include history of art, illustration, photography and design.

A006Lo Presente Libro [book]
B037Jugend [magazine and newspaper]
C001Combinaisons Ornementale [book]
D002—Opel [poster]
D008—Plantin [typeface]
E002—National Socialist German Workers’ Party [identity]
E003Broom [magazine and newspaper]
E025—Pierre Legrain binding [book cover]
F006—1P Papastratos [packaging]
G005Het Vlas [book]
G006—Sweet’s Files [book]
I031Grafisk Revy [magazine and newspaper]
I063—Centre de Création Industrielle [poster]
J029—Women of the Revolution [poster]
L028Chairman Rolf Fehlbaum [book]
L029—Kindheit ist kein Kinderspiel [poster]
M015— The/Le Garage [poster]
M020—Established & Sons [identity]

Amelia Black (5)
Creative researcher and designer, Brooklyn. Graduate of the D-Crit program, School of Visual Arts.

C020—Seven-Segment Display [typeface]
E005—Chanel [identity]
G017—Gitanes [packaging graphics]
I054—Mexico City Olympics 1968 [identity]
J022—ERCO [identity]

Jody Boehnert (6)
Graphic designer and PhD student at the University of Brighton [2009]. Operates EcoLabs, a non-profit ecological literacy initiative.

A003—Nuremberg Chronicle [book]
E028The New Yorker [magazine and newspaper]
G013—Radiation [symbol]
I025—Wozzeck [poster]
J023—Genealogy of Pop/Rock Music [information design]
L017—Swiss Franc Banknotes [money]

Mark Braddock (1)
[no information available]

H044Observations [book]

Chris Brown (10)
Lecturer in graphic design at Nottingham Trent University: the Evolution of Graphic Design and product semantics.

A005Hypnerotomachia Poliphilii [book]
B032Story of the Glittering Plain or the Land of Living Men [book]
C021—Zermatt Matterhorn [poster]
D007—Lacerba [magazine and newspaper]
D014—People’s Charity for German Prisoners of War and Civilian Internees[poster]
F009—NegerKunst [sic] [poster]
G026—Für das Alter [poster]
H030—Nikon Camera [poster]
H035—Die Zeitung [poster]
K032—Cranbrook: The Graduate Program in Design [poster]

Carol Choi (10)
Director of Marketing and Communications at Hariri Pontarini Architects; formerly picture editor at Phaidon Press

A011—Musical Notation… [information design]
C017Also Sprach Zarathustra [book]
D020—Shiseido [logo]
G023Le Modulor [book]
H013—Sheltered Weaklings—Japan [poster]
J006—Shell [logo]
J009—Adidas [logo]
J013—New Music Media, New Magic Media [poster]
K019—IQ [poster]
L024—Spiritualized—Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space [record and CD cover]

Line Hjorth Christensen (1)
Assistant professor at Københavns Universitet. Areas of research: aesthetic learning, didactics, museology and design history; PhD dissertation on British poster designs.

D012—Batavier Lijn, Rotterdam–London [poster]

Bryan Clark (1)
Senior lecturer at Falmouth University?

H029—Mazetti [identity]

Maire Cox (1)
“Máire has a Master of Arts Honours degree in History of Art and a Postgraduate Diploma in Museum & Gallery Studies. She is twice winner of the Honeyman Prize at the University of Glasgow.”

J024—3M [logo]

Penny Craswell (24)
Editor, writer, specializing in architecture and design. Communications coordinator at Woods Bagot [Sydney, Australia].

F014A.C. Documentos de Actividad Contemporánea [magazine and newspaper]
F043Van Gogh [book]
H004Flair [magazine and newspaper]
H031—Danese [logo]
I061—La Biennale di Venezia [poster]
K011—Cycle of films by Jean-Luc Godard [poster]
K017High Quality [magazine and newspaper]
L009Tentaciones [magazine and newspaper]
L010The Art Book [book]
L025Typoundso [book]
L026Re-magazine [magazine and newspaper]
L036Brand Eins [magazine and newspaper]
M009Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné [book]
M011—Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen [typeface]
M012—VideoEx [poster]
M016—Akkurat [typeface]
M017—Beauty and the Beast [identity]
M019—A325 [poster]
M024Designing Design [book]
M027—Replica [typeface]
N001Werk No. 17: Eley Kishimoto [magazine / newspaper]
N002—M/MINK [advertising]
N003Helena Jongerius: Misfit [book]
N004—SALT [identity]

Simon Daniels (2)
Microsoft program manager of typography group.

L021—Georgia [typeface]
L023—Verdana [typeface]

Frank DeRose (10)
Graphic design teacher at Pratt Institute?

B012—Fette Fraktur [typeface]
B031The Chap-Book [magazine cover]
E033—Kombinationsschrift [typeface]
G018Seventeen [magazine and newspaper]
H042—Rheinbrücke [advertising]
I001—Wasser [advertising]
I021From Russia with Love [film graphics]
J012U&lc [magazine and newspaper]
J018—Jazz [poster]
L004The New York Times Op-Ed [magazine and newspaper]

Sony Devabhktuni [sic] (6)
Teaches at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris Malaquais and in the foundation year at Parsons Paris.

B010Physikalischer Atlas [book]
C006—Perrier [logo]
D015De Stijl [magazine and newspaper]
E006—Bauhaus Programmes [book]
G025Stern [magazine and newspaper]
J028—Swissair [identity]

Valerio Di Lucente (7)
Italian type designer; partner in design firm Julia.

F011Zijeme [magazine and newspaper]
H037Ulm [magazine and newspaper]
I005—Punt e mes [poster]
I024—Campari [advertising]
J003Avalanche [magazine and newspaper]
J016—Swiss Federal Railways [identity]
M014—Beauty and the Book [book]

Paul Dobraszczyk (2)
Historian of Victorian visual culture. Co-author of Designing Information before Designers.

A018Commercial and Political Atlas [book]
B007Punch [magazine and newspaper]

Richard B. Doubleday (10)
Assistant Professor of Art in the Department of Graphic Design at Louisiana State University’s School of Art.

E024Elementare Typographie [magazine and newspaper]
E038—Phoebus Palast [poster]
E050Die neue Typographie [book]
F047Typography [magazine and newspaper]
F051—Konstruktivisten [poster]
I027—1964 Tokyo Olympics [identity]
I039—Munich Olympic Games [identity]
J021—S. Fischer Verlag [poster]
L016Baseline [magazine / newspaper]
L032—Othello [poster]

Frederico Duarte (10)
Freelance designer, curator and writer on various projects and publications. Graduate of the D-Crit program, School of Visual Arts.

C004—Franklin Gothic [typeface]
D003—Insel-Bücherei [book cover]
E021—Bochumer Verein [advertising]
G016—Herman Miller [identity]
G022—Gran Premio dell’Autodromo [poster]
H015—New Haven Railroad [identity]
I002—Westinghouse [logo]
I032—You Don’t Have to Be Jewish to Love Levy’s [advertising]
L015—Public Theatre [poster]
L033Visionaire 27–Movement [magazine / newspaper]

Kimberly Elam (4)
Department head of graphic design, Ringling College of Art + Design.

E030—Kandinsky [poster]
F044—Spratt’s [logo]
J010—Kieler Woche [poster]
J015—Shigeo Fukuda [poster]

Mike Esbester (2)
Lecturer in history, University of Portsmouth. Co-author of Designing Information before Designers with Paul Dobraszczyk and Paul Stiff.

B002—Bill Posters [advertising]
B008Bradshaw’s Monthly Railway Guide [information design]

Krzystof Fijalkowski (4)
Art Historian, Norwich University of the Arts. Principal research focus is the visual, literary and intellectual culture of the mid-twentieth century avant-garde.

E054ZLOM by Konstantin Biebel [book]
F002AIZ [magazine and newspaper]
G001View [magazine cover]
M022—Beck—The Information [record and CD cover]

Kevin Finn (2)
[no information available]

L034—AIGA Detroit Lecture [poster]
M013—Persian Type and Typography [poster]

Michel Frizot (1)
Photography historian.

F021—Vu [magazine and newspaper]

Katherine Gillieson (9)
Designer, writer and researcher; former lecturer at University of Reading.

A009Orbis Sensualium Pictus [book]
B003—Pie Chart [information design]
B011The Elements of Euclid [book]
F038—Braun [logo]
F056—Volkswagen [logo]
I007The Graphic Artist and His Design Problems [book]
I053—Vormgevers [poster]
L014S,M,L,XL [book]
M003Dot Dot Dot [magazine / newspaper]

Stephanie Goldstein (1)
[no information available]

I008—American Broadcasting Corporation [logo]

Stephen [sic] Heller (6)
Advisor to The Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design. Design writer.

E004—Cooper Black [typeface]
F048—Peignot [typeface]
I015Eros [magazine and newspaper]
I044—The Beatles—Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band [record and CD cover]
J026—I [heart] NY [logo]
K028Beach Culture [magazine and newspaper]

Will Hill (4)
Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design at Anglia Ruskin University.

D011Blast [magazine / newspaper]
E034Breuer Metallmöbel [book]
H001—Palatino [typeface]
H003—Ovomaltine [advertising]

Maggie Hohle (8)
Freelance design writer.

F016Roningyo [magazine cover]
F029Nippon [magazine cover]
F046Cubism and Abstract Art [book cover]
H012Idea [magazine and newspaper]
I029—4th International Biennial Exhibition of Prints in Tokyo [poster]
K009—Hiroshima Appeals [poster]
K031—Workshop: Y’s for Men [book]
L020—Hokusetsu [poster]

David Hyde (5)
Partner in Studio Hyde.

E006—Bauhaus Programmes [book]
E019—Knigi [poster]
H009—Watch that Child! [poster]
I016—Moderna Museet [poster]
I041—OCR–A and B [typeface]

Natalia Ilyin (4)
Design critic and author.

B025—General Electric [logo]
C005—Wiener Werkstatte [logo]
C016—AEG [identity]
I028—Woolmark [logo]

Phil Jones (17)
Senior lecturer at The Arts University College at Bournemouth.

B044—His Master’s Voice [logo]
C012—Priester [poster]
E018—Pelikan Ink [advertising]
E022Merz 14/15: Die Scheuche Märchen [book]
E031Abeceda [book]
E048—Büro [poster]
E052—5 finger Hat Die Hand [poster]
E059Foto-Auge [book]
F010Film: Serie Monografieën over Filmkunst [magazine cover]
F030—Gebr. Fretz AG Zurich [book]
H010—She’s Got to Go Out to Get Woman’s Day [advertising]
H046Twen [magazine and newspaper]
I012—Pirelli Slippers [advertising]
I020—Wilhelm Tell [poster]
L013—Found Font [typeface]
L035Stealing Beauty [book]
M006The Art of Looking Sideways [book]

Michael Kelly (14)
Teaches at Pratt Institute.

D010—Centaur [typeface]
D017Typografia [magazine and newspaper]
F023—Wohnbedarf [identity]
F055Direction [magazine cover]
G003Ghost in the Underblows [book]
G011—Borzoi [logo]
G019—Wiederaufbau [poster]
H043Ty i Ja [magazine and newspaper]
I030—MoMA [logo]
J007—Typographic Process [poster]
J017—London Zoo [poster]
K014—Yale University Press [logo]
L019—Mrs. Eaves [typeface]
N005100 Notes–100 Thoughts [book]

Riikka Kuittinen (14)
Writer and curator. Author of History of Art and Design from 1900.

B023—Coca-Cola [logo]
B029The Yellow Book [magazine and newspaper]
B038—Victor Bicycles [poster]
C019—Baumwollpflückerin [poster]
D005—Olympic Rings [logo]
E005—Chanel [identity]
F049—Rural Electrification Administration [poster]
G016—Herman Miller [identity]
H011—Pause–Trink Coca Cola [poster]
H038Form [magazine cover]
I046Velvet Underground and Nico [record and CD cover]
J005—The Rolling Stones [logo]
J030—Joy Division—Unknown Pleasures [record and CD cover]
K004The Face [magazine and newspaper]

Toon Lauwen (5)—
Advisor to The Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design. Independent curator and consultant in design & communication in The Hague.

E041—Berkel [advertising]
I019—KLM [logo]
K003—Dutch Banknotes [money]
K015—Barnes Glurtzang [poster]
L001OASE Journal for Architecture [magazine and newspaper]

Jae Young Lee (1)
[no information available]

H041—World Graphic Design Exhibition [poster]

Gina Lovett (3)
Affiliated with the Royal College of Art but unclear in what capacity.

K012—Musée d’Orsay [logo]
K022The Econimist [advertising]
M005—The Alphabet [poster]

Liz McQuiston (7)
Graphic design writer. Author of Graphic Design Agitation, Women in Graphic Design, etc.

A013—Join, or Die [symbol]
B026—Calaveras [magazine / newspaper]
B039—Job Cigarette Papers [poster]
E060—Man with the Movie Camera [poster]
H033—Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament [symbol]
I059Whole Earth Catalog: Access to Tools [book]
K008—Grapus [poster]

Emily McVarish (5)
Writer, designer, and book artist. Co-author with Johanna Drucker of Graphic Design History: A Critical Guide. Teaches at California College of the Arts.

B009—Clarendon [typeface]
C002—Eckmannschrift [typeface]
E007Dlya Golosa [For the Voice] [book]
E013Lidantiu Faram [book]
E036—Kabel [typeface]

Helena Michaelson (11)
Freelance writer and psychodymanic counsellor.

A004—Bembo [typeface]
A016Manuel Typographique [book]
D001—Oxo [packaging graphics]
D013Neue Jugend [magazine and newspaper]
E010Pro eto. Ei i mne [book]
E012—Luchshih Sosok ne bilo nyet [poster]
I022—Yves St. Laurent [logo]
I023—Dwie Strony Medula [poster]
L002Form + Zweck [magazine and newspaper]
L007—Übergriff [advertising]
M004Painting at the Edge of the World [book]

Catrin Morgan (4)
Part-time lecturer, Falmouth University.

F005—Fulfilled Plan, Great Work [poster]
F007USSR in Construction [book]
F03210 Let Uzbekistana SSR [book]
G020Bauen + Wohnen [magazine and newspaper]

Christopher Mount (2)
Director of Exhibitions and Public Programs at the Parsons School of Design. Previously, lecturer in the history of twentieth-century design at Parsons, the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, and the Bard Graduate Center; and curator in the Department of Architecture and Design at The Museum of Modern Art.

F019—Adolf der Übermensch schluckt Gold und redet Blech [poster]
J025—Sex Pistols—God Save the Queen [record and CD cover]

Anne Odling-Smee (5)
Visiting Lecturer at the Royal College of Art, Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, and Konstfack University in Stockholm.

B013The Grammar of Ornament [book]
B017Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll [book]
B022—Venn Diagram [information design]
F004Mise en Page: the theory and practice of layout [book]
I010—Chase Manhattan Bank [logo]

Kerry William Purcell (11)
“Co-editor and writer of Phaidon Archive.”

F008Fortune [magazine cover]
F024—Times New Roman [typeface]
F033Harper’s Bazaar [magazine and newspaper]
F034—Pontresina [poster]
F037—All Roads Lead to Switzerland [poster]
G014—Knoll Associates [advertising]
G015Thoughts on Design [book]
H002Portfolio [magazine and newspaper]
H020—Beethoven [poster]
H027—Musica Viva [poster]
I017—Lufthansa [identity]

Alston Purvis (1)
Associate Professor of Art, Boston University.

F058Het Boek van PTT [book]

Alan Rapp (6)
Faculty member, Rhode Island School of Design. Graduate of the D-Crit program, School of Visual Arts.

A019Songs of Innocence and Experience [book]
A020—Man of Letters, or Pierrot’s Alphabet [typeface]
B024—International Code of Symbols and International Maritime Flags [information design]
C014—Who Gets Your Money (‘Ring of Power’) [information design]
E027—Die Kunstismen / Les Ismes De L’Art / The Isms of Art [book]
F041—International Picture Language [information design]

Steve Rigley (3)
Head of graphic design at Glasgow School of Art.

E051—Chrysler [advertising]
H008—NIE! [poster]
H045—North by Northwest [film graphics]
I048Typographie [book]

Ina Saltz (15)
Professor at CUNY. Interests in typography and letterforms.

A002—Gutenberg Bible [book]
A010—Caslon [typeface]
A014—Baskerville [typeface]
A017—Didot [typeface]
A021—Bodoni [typeface]
E028The New Yorker [magazine and newspaper]
H005—CBS [logo]
H034—Optima [typeface]
I018Esquire [magazine cover]
I042—Sabon [typeface]
I052Rolling Stone [magazine cover]
I057Avant Garde [magazine and newspaper]
J020—Apple [logo]
K023Rolling Stone [magazine and newspaper]
L031—Yale School of Art [poster]

Justine Sambrook (4)
Assistant curator of RIBA Library.

F035Le Corbusier & Pierre Jeanneret: Oeuvre Complète [book]
H036—Vertigo [film graphics]
K007—Benetton [advertising]
K025Guardian [magazine and newspaper]

Aaron Seymour (3)
Lecturer, School of Design, University of Technology (Sidney)?

B019—Periodic Table of Elements [information design]
E008—Hollywood sign [symbol]
E047—Labanotation [information design]

Paul Shaw (8)
Adjunct Professor, Parsons School of Design and School of Visual Arts.

C015—Die Fledermaus [poster]
E006—Bauhaus programmes [book]
E040—Opel [poster]
E058Die Neue Linie [magazine cover]
G016—Herman Miller [identity]
I006—Canadian National Railway [logo]
I014Programme Entwerfen [book]
I050—Knoll [logo]

Mike Sheedy (12)
Principal Teaching Fellow, Deputy Head of School, University of Leeds.

D021La Fin du Monde by Blaise Cendrars [book]
E009LEF and Novy LEF [magazine and newspaper]
E045—N.V. Nederlandsche Kabelfabriek [book]
E046—Simfonia Bolshogo Goroda [poster]
F020Futurismo [magazine and newspaper]
F050Il Poema del Vestito di Latte [book]
F060—Wait. Count 15 slowly before moving in the Blackout [poster]
G009Ballet [book]
G024—Halag [logo]
H014—RCA [advertising]
J001Claes Oldenburg [book]
M007—Rain [poster]

Deborah Sutherland (3)
Librarian-curator, Trade Literature at Victoria and Albert Museum?

C011—Red Letter Shakespeare [book]
E001Pro Dva Kvadrata [book]
L030Timothy McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern [magazine and newspaper]

Amoret Tanner (2)
Writer and collector; Founding Council member of the Ephemera Society.

D006—Crossword Puzzle [information design]
K016—Swiss Passport [information design]

Ben Terrett (3)
Head of Design at the Government Digital Service, in the Cabinet Office for the UK Government.

C010—Bayer [logo]
E032—US Route Shield [information design]
F026—Esso [logo]

Davina Thackara (4)
Project editor, The Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design.

B033—Hamlet [poster]
C022—Copyright [symbol]
E037Depero Futurista [book]
G012—Pirelli [logo]

Teal Triggs (1)
Advisor to The Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design. Associate Dean of the School of Communication, Royal College of Arts.

K002I-D [magazine and newspaper]

Jason Tselentis (29)
Designer, writer, educator. Associate Professor, School of Design, Winthrop University.

D004—Edel Grotesk [typeface]
E020Gebrauchsgraphik [magazine and newspaper]
F017—DIN and FF DIN [typeface]
H016—Univers [typeface]
H018Man with the Golden Arm [film graphics]
H039Anatomy of a Murder [film graphics]
I009—Helvetica [typeface]
I026La Cantratrice Chauve [book]
I040—New York Subway Sign System and Map [information design]
I043The Medium Is the Massage [book]
I051—New Alphabet [typeface]
J004—Nike [logo]
J019—Demos [typeface]
J027—Bell Centennial [typeface]
K013Emigre [magazine and newspaper]
K018—Swift [typeface]
K020Octavo [magazine and newspaper]
K024—Avenir [typeface]
K026—Rotis [typeface]
K029—Trajan [typeface]
K030—CineMafrica [poster]
L006—Lexicon [typeface]
L008—Gulliver [typeface]
L011—Thesis [typeface]
L027—Miller [typeface]
M001—Gotham [typeface]
M008—Courier Sans [typeface]
M010—Arnhem [typeface]
M025—Lettera [typeface]

Graham Twemlow (21)
Advisor to The Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design. Senior Lecturer in Design Theory, University of Gloucester.

B021—Orphée aux Enfers [poster]
B027—Aristide Bruant [poster]
B028—Foliés Bergére [poster]
B034—La Revue Blanche [poster]
B041—Tropon: L’aliment le plus concenté [poster]
B043Ver Sacrum [magazine and newspaper]
C007—Secession 18. Austellung [poster]
C018—Confection Kehl [poster]
D019—London Underground [logo]
D022—Flight  [poster]
E006—Bauhaus Programme [book]
E017—Kino Glaz [poster]
E023—L’Intransigeant [poster]
E035—Nord Express [poster]
E042—Dentrifices Gellé Fréres [poster]
E057—You Can Be Sure of Shell [poster]
F028—St. Moritz [identity]
F059—London Transport—Keeps London Going [poster]
H007—The Financial Times [advertising]
I045—Bally [poster]
M026—Obama–Progress/Hope [poster]

Veronique Vienne (22)
“Self-taught design critic.”

A012L’Encyclopedie [book]
B036—Scottish Musical Review [poster]
B042—Michelin Man [logo]
B045—Fromme’s Kalender [poster]
C003Michelin Guide [sic] [book]
C008—Citröen [logo]
D016Dada [magazine and newspaper]
D018Il Pleut [book]
E011Next Call [magazine and newspaper]
E053Domus [magazine and newspaper]
E062Vogue [magazine and  newspaper]
F022—Dubo Dubon Dubonnet [poster]
F036Facile by Paul Eluard [book]
F053—St. Raphael Quinquina [advertising]
F054Match [magazine cover]
H032Push Pin Graphic [magazine and newspaper]
I011Show [magazine and newspaper]
I060—Valentine [poster]
I064Interview [magazine and newspaper]
K008—Grapus Musée de l’Affiche [poster]
L003Colors [magazine and newspaper]
L018Thinkbook [book]

Alissa Walker (3)
Design writer and blogger in Los Angeles.

F057Arts & Architecture [magazine cover]
H006Interiors [magazine cover]
H028Pepsi-Cola World [magazine cover]

Daniel West (6)
[no information available]

A008—Mercator Projection [information design]
B014—Napoleon’s March [information design]
G021Der Spiegel [magazine cover]
G027—Zebra Crossing [information design]
J002—Recycling [symbol]
J014—Deutsche Bank [logo]

Richard Weston (6)
Head of Strategic Design at Thought Collective.

E037Depero Futurista [book]
F012Essay on Typography [book]
F015—Internationale Austellung Kunst der Werbung [poster]
H019—Stadt Theater [poster]
L012Big Magazine [magazine and newspaper]
M018—Great Ideas [book cover]

Zoe Whitley (7)
Curator of Contemporary Programmes, Victoria and Albert Museum.

B030—Tournée du Chat Noir [poster]
E062Vogue [magazine and newspaper]
F042LIFE [magazine and newspaper]
I033Nova [magazine and newspaper]
I047—Black Power and White Power [poster]
I058—Atelier Populaire [poster]
K001—Absolut Vodka [advertising]

Eliza Williams (3)
Writer for Creative Review.

E016Time [magazine and newspaper]
K006—Faber & Faber [logo]
L022—IdcN [poster]

Thomas Wilson (6)
[no information available]

C013—Waschanstalt Zurich AG [poster]
E044—Gaba [poster]
F025—Licht [poster]
G004—Binaca [poster]
I056—Day of the Heroic Guerilla [poster]
K021—Design Process Auto [poster]

Peter Wolf (9)
Lecturer, Arizona State University on industrial design and graphic design history.

F027PM/A-D [magazine and newspaper]
F031—Olivetti Typewriter [poster]
F040—Adrianol Emulsion [advertising]
G002—New Classics [book cover]
G008Scope [magazine and newspaper]
G010—H.G. Knoll Associates [advertising]
H022—Olivetti [advertising]
I004—Coldene [advertising]

Laetitia Wolff (1)
“Design ideas consultant”; executive director of desigNYC from 2011 to 2013.

L005—Harper’s Bazaar (Fabien Baron) [magazine / newspaper]

Wendy Wong (2)
Associate Professor, Communication Design, Swinburne University of Technology (Hong Kong).

A001Buljo Jikji Simche Yojeol [book]
E029Fanghuang by Lu Xun [book cover]

Lawrence Zeegen (6)
Dean, School of Design, London College of Communication.

B018—Rizla [packaging graphics]
E055—Modiano [poster]
E056Vanity Fair [magazine cover]
F003Advertising Arts [magazine cover]
H024Design [magazine and newspaper]
J008—Renault [logo]