Legacy of Letters: “I loved it and would do it every year if I could.”

“I loved that it was a small group, as we got to meet one another. The tour allowed for us to explore the city we were in. The tour included so much I was surprised we managed to fit in everything. I LOVED IT and would do it every year if I could. Thank you for the most enjoyable, informative and exciting 3 weeks. I have met friends that will last a lifetime.
Diana Pasovski, graphic designer, Australia

Diana Pasovski printing her personal keepsake.

“I was fully expecting to enjoy the printing portions of the tour, but was not prepared for how enjoyable the calligraphic and inscriptional portion would be. The hands on workshops and the interpretive walking tours were great good fun, and smart & informative to boot. The Legacy of Letters tour is a joy (and a solid value in every measurable way).”
David Shields, graphic designer, Virginia

David Shields choosing a wood typeface for his keepsake.

David Shields and Diana Pasovski proofing a wood type composition.