“Grab life by the typographic tail!”

There is still time to sign up for the 2013 Legacy of Letters Tour & Workshop at the early bird discounted price. Join Alta Price and me in Italy this summer and see how much fun you can have with letters. It is the experience of a lifetime.
Paul Shaw 

Alexander practicing Cyrillic calligraphy.

“This ten-day immersion in the world of Latin letterforms, in their native environment, was an unforgettable experience. It was such an amazing time, filled with lots of impressions and discoveries. And, definitely, the most enjoyable aspect of the tour was the chance to meet many interesting, like-minded people with different backgrounds.”
Alexander Trubin, graphic designer, Moscow (Legacy of Letters 2012)

Maureen and Alexander composing type.

“I’m pleased to have attended the Legacy of Letters tour, especially for the dear group of people I met who I could ‘ooo and ahhh’ with. It was wonderful to travel with like-minded and like-sighted people.”
Maureen Hoffmann, graphic designer, Seattle, Washington. (Legacy of Letters 2012)

Maureen and Alta discussing the folding of the group keepsake.

“From the monks and ancient manuscripts at the Armenian monastery on San Lazzaro to the medieval yet funky streets of Rovereto, Legacy of Letters was non-stop visual eye candy (type porn) and skill-building. The tour, the accomodations, and the workshops were top-notch down to the tiniest detail. Have you been working long, stressful hours for months on end? What are you waiting for—grab life by the typographic tail!”
Patricia Vining, graphic designer, California (Legacy of Letters 2012)

Patricia assembling her part of the group keepsake.

“The form and beauty of letters as studied in a historical perspective provided me a fresh view of art and architectural history. Under the tutelage of Paul Shaw and Alta Price our group had access to libraries and collections not available to the general public. Paul’s interest in minute details offered the insights of a true scholar. Each well-planned day was saturated… Libraries, museums, lectures, workshops, churches, and cemeteries offered ten days of didactic fun. I returned home filled with inspiration and fond memories.” Howard Holtzman, Architect, Chicago (Legacy of Letters 2010)

Howard displaying his rubbing of an inscription at S. Zeno in Verona

“This was truly the tour of a lifetime. I’ve spent months in Italy, but on this trip I was introduced to numerous lettering and other aesthetic treasures that I otherwise would never have known about. We were treated to numerous helpings of Italian heaven thanks to Paul and Alta, both of whom know Italy very well. I can’t recommend the Legacy of Letters tours highly enough. Not to be missed!” Lucia McCreery, typesetter & proofreader, Brooklyn (Legacy of Letters 2010)

Lucia pausing in the midst of composing type.