Shave and a Haircut: 2012 SEGD Conference: The Bridge

Barber Shop, Crown Heights (Brooklyn) (2007)

Last week (June 7–9) the Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD) held its annual conference in New York City. For the final session on Friday, June 8 of the 2012 SEGD Conference: The Bridge Anna Sharp and her colleagues at the New York design firm Two Twelve put together a short interstitial slide show of lettering in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Their goal was to “depict the diversity of cultures, essence of the two boroughs, celebrate typography, etc. A mix of churches, schools, courthouses, police stations, bars, apartments, fences, sewers, etc.” I provided the roughly 300 images used for the short video from my collection of over 40,000 photographs of lettering in New York City. I also donated a signed copy of Helvetica and the New York City Subway System to the SEGD auction.

Los Compi Barber Shop, Harlem (Manhattan) (2007)