Legacy of Letters 1997–2000 Testimonials

“I was on the very first Legacy of the Letters trip to Rome and was so impressed I became addicted and went on a further two tours. On each occasion the trip was enjoyable and educational, informal and serious in its scholarship. I would unconditionally recommend these tours to anyone considering going to Italy to discover more of the arts and culture than is normally available through ordinary commercial tourism.”

Richard Kindersley, lettercutter, Richard Kindersley Studio, London
1997 Tour of Rome, 1999 Tour of Rome and 2000 Tour of Florence and Tuscany


“I had a wonderful time with you in Rome. You did an incredible job of pulling the whole wonderful production together. I would highly recommend it to others….Not only was all of the lettering stuff fascinating, but I saw much more of Rome and in a more intimate way than I might have otherwise.”

Robin Williams, author of The Mac Is Not a Typewriter, Sante Fe, New Mexico
1998 Tour of Rome


“Doing the Legacy of Letters tour in Rome with Paul Shaw was fabulous. The diversity of sights and the depth of information kept us all highly interested. We were propelled through a great era of history”

Aleanna Lüthi-Garrecht, graphic design teacher, SUNY New Paltz
1998 Tour of Rome


“I took part in the Legacy of Letters Tour of Rome in 1999 and it was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done as a typographer and teacher. Paul, Garrett and Michael Twyman were expert guides, the walks were well-timed, the workshops were well-planned and the dinners together were inspiring. I met people who have become colleagues and friends and came away with knowledge I never would have attained without the tour. Many thanks!”

Jay Rutherford, Chair, Visual Communications, Bauhaus University Weimar
1999 Tour of Rome


“As an instructor of typography and letterforms, I highly value the experience you offer of diving into the alphabet’s past in the city that has given it’s name to our capital letters. I would recommend it to anyone similarly teaching in this field. Well organized and laid out, and such a tremendously enjoyable bunch of people!”

Henrik Birkvig, professor, Danish School of Media and Journalism, Copenhagen
1997 Tour of Rome, 1999 Tour of Florence


“The Legacy of Letters tour was a wonderful, memorable experience. So many aspects contributed to it including the preparatory reading list, daily orientations, a small group of fellow letter lovers, and your help arranging a side trip to Bernard Berenson’s home. Normally I’m a free spirit-style tourist and find my own way, but I thoroughly I truly enjoyed being spoiled this once. Mille grazie!”

Gina Jonas, calligrapher, Seattle
2000 Tour of Florence and Tuscany