From the Archives no. 7—Notes on Books and Printing

Some Notes on Books and Printing
Charles T. Jacobi
London: Charles Whittingham & Co. at The Chiswick Press, 1903
originally printed 1892

I discovered this printer’s guide through Google Books. These excerpts are relevant to the Blue Pencil project on this blog.

“Whatever else be wrong a book must be spelt correctly!”, p. 14

“All works are the better for an Index….” p. 18

“A good index must be exhaustive; must include the various “points” of a book; must gather under one heading the same subjects; must be concise, yet explicit; must contain the subjects of chapters, and the smaller divisions, such as sections, not merely single words as they occur; and must define each entry that occurs under the same title, so that the reader may turn at once to the desired page.” pp. 18–19

Charles T. Jacobi was the manager of the Chiswick Press, one of the most respected printing houses in England at the close of the 19th century.