Research revealed no. 1

My research for the Print F.O.B. item about Trajan’s popularity in Hollywood was based on reading the advertisements in selected Friday Weekend issues of The New York Times. There were far more movies using the face than I was able to squeeze into the column. For those who are obsessed by Hollywood’s obsession with Trajan, here are the results of my investigation.

12 December 1990
no examples of Trajan
instead capitals of Times Roman, Perpetua, Schneidler Titling (Bauer Titling) (twice), Goudy Oldstyle (twice), Caslon (twice)

1 February 1991
nothing for major films such as Dancing with Wolves, Hamlet (with Mel Gibson), Misery, Awakening (with Roberto DeNiro), or Green Card

1 March 1991
as above with nothing for Sleeping with the Enemy, Home Alone

5 April 1991
Defending Yourself (shaded)

13 December 1991
in text (but not title) for Leave It to Beaver, The Addams Family, Let Him Have It, At Play in the Fields of the Lord

19 December 1992
The Crying Game
Passion Fish
The Bodyguard

17 December 1993
The Pelican Brief
in text for The Joy Luck Club, Mrs. Doubtfire

22 July 1994
text for The Lion King

17 December 1994
Heavenly Creatures
Queen Margot
Interview with the Vampire

24 December 1995
Leaving Las Vegas (squeezed)
The American President
text for Heat

5 January 1997
The Evening Star (sequel to Terms of Endearment)
Marvin’s Room
La Ceremonie (with swash added to R)
My Fellow Americans (with added swash)

[also for The Partners book by John Grisham; see The Pelican Brief above]

28 February 1997
text (squeezed) for Kama Sutra

23 May 1997
text for Addicted to Love

22 June 1997
Temptress Moon (squeezed)
The Fifth Element (stretched; changed from previous lettering)

11 July 1997
text for Contact

16 September 1997

5 December 1997
Annihilation [Mortal Kombat]

6 March 1998
Dangerous Beauty
text (squeezed) for As Good As It Gets

15 May 1998
text for Titanic [after winning Academy Awards but not before; see 16 January 1998]
City of Angels

3 July 1998
A Perfect Murder
text for Titanic, Muhlan, Armageddon (squeezed), Gone with the Wind

December 1998
Emperor’s Shadow

June 1999
Sex and the City [television]
Midsummer Night’s Dream
Episode I [Star Wars]
Three Seasons

Summer 2000
The Perfect Storm
Space Cowboys [altered]

Fall 2000
Remember the Titans
Time Warner Home Theatre ads for All About My Mother and The Ninth Gate

Anyone reading this should feel free to update this list, especially to chronicle the increasing Trajanicization of Hollywood that has occurred since 2000. A new millennium? I don’t think so.